Dare to Bare for Colette

These past few weeks I have been working on my final assignment for my fashion styling class, a new concept for the store Colette located in Paris. We had to come up with an innovative idea for the whole store so that was quite the challenge. I was looking through some old fashion shows from around 1995 for some inspiration and the thing I noticed was the nudity which I saw in almost every show arround that time. And with nudity I mean sheer fabrics an a lot of see through outfits. So I started thinking about the amount of freedom we currently have in how we dress and I think we aren’t taking enough advantage of it because everyone goes for what’s comfortable instead of expressing themselves through fashion. And of course you don’t have to go all out everyday but be wild sometimes and wear something crazy.

So for the styling I used some sheer tops and a tule skirt which I’m probably keeping because why not. The overall hair and makeup I kept very natural because the message I wanted to give out was to be happy with what you got and flaunt it because we all need some confidence and I think that if you wear something with confidence it rubs of on other people. And now I will stop talking so you can see the end result bellow. I hope you like it.

-xxx- Val

My amazing team:

Photography: Mireille Kniese ( http://mireillekniese.weebly.com )

styling: done by me

Model 1: Floor Schmidt

Model 2 : Eeke Brussee



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