Hotel Joséphine

The three days we stayed in paris we slept in Hotel Josephine and it was amazing. The hotel was not that big but the decorations were awesome. The whole hotel was in the style of Josephine baker a Afro-American dancer, singer and actress. She was famous for her banana skirt and erotic dance style and with almost every performance she brought a leopard. The rooms were small but comfortable and provided with everything you would need. The bed and pillows felt as if they were new and there were enough towels in the bathroom which was quite big with a rain shower. We had a family room so the two bedrooms were connected. Every morning they made our bed and cleaned a bit so overall there was nothing to complain about. The staff downstairs was really helpful and kind and were happy to inform us about the city. All combined we had a lovely stay at Josephine and we are certain about coming back.

Here are some photo’s of the downstairs area, our room and the breakfast area

-xxx- Val




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