Paris day 3

Third and last day in paris we decided to go to the Sacré Coeur, walk around Musée D’Orsay grab some lunch and head home. Because it was a saturday it was insanely busy at the Sacre Coeur so we took some photo’s and called it quits because there wasn’t a good vibe around there, I think that was mainly because of the street sellers which were quit obnoxious to a point where the would all group up on the staircase and wouldn’t let you through. And of course they weren’t just there but also at the Eifel tower and other main tourist attractions but for some reason it wasn’t feeling right there. But nevertheless the weather was beautiful and it was somewhere between 16 and 20 degrees celsius so I was the last to complain.IMG_1382IMG_1387

After that we took the metropolitan and walked via opéra Garnier to musée D’Orsay and to Quartier latin to look for a bistro for some lunch. IMG_1439IMG_1447


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