Paris day 1

Bonjour a tous, today was my first time ever in Paris. I’m here for 3 days with my parents and my younger brother. we’re staying in Hotel Josephine, which is completely jazz themed after Josephine Baker. We arrived at 12 and dropt our luggage at the hotel to go directly to the big park that’s in front of the Louvre.


we didn’t actually go in any of the museums because it would cost too much time since we were in Paris for only three days. After the park we walk to the notre dame alongside the seine and explored the area around it and listened to some street performers who were insanely enthusiastic.


By the time we left them it was already around 8 so we were went to quartier latin for something to eat. this part of paris is well known for the jazz restaurants and bistros so of course there was going to be live jazz music. I had some delicious union soup and a burger (I know not very french). for dessert I had a strawberry milkshake and after that we went to the hotel to get a good night sleep to prepare for the next day of walking.


stay tuned for day 2 and 3

-xxx- val


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