The fusion of Chad Wys and Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas and Chad Wys were two out of the three artists my project group chose for our final assignment. At first we also had christian Delacroix but we didn’t end up using him. For the assignment you had to pick three or less artists and use their art in a modern way for a photoshoot. Degas was an impressionistic painter and made a lot of paintings about ballerinas and women in general. Chad Wys is the opposite of that, he makes modern sculptures and paintings using existing paintings and going over them with bright coloured stripes.

Chad Wys
Edgar Degas

We wanted the models upper body painted completely white and she would be wearing a white tutu together with a white, sheer top and as finishing touch, pointe shoes. This part would refer to Edgar Degas en for Chad Wys, we wanted primary coloured shadows behind the model . This would turn out to be more challenging than we thought but in the end it turned out alright.

During the shoot I was concentrating on the model and if she was doing the poses right so I didn’t pay much attention to the photo’s during the process. When they got sent to me they looked insanely pink and not even close to what I had in mind but you gotta work with what you got so I just went with it and eventually I liked the beauty shots the best despite the fact that they were made with normal lighting. I liked them best because they were much more intense than the coloured ones.

So here are some of my favourites.

styling: me, Eva Lagos, Nikki Lampe  

makeup and hair:Miranda Merbis

photography:Petra van der Tuin  

-xxx- Val



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