Bienvenue a Superdévoluy

Hello Hello, long time no see. I could make up excuses for why I haven’t been posting but it was basically the lack of interesting things in my  life. But  oh well I’m back. So in the time I was absent I went on a ski trip to france with my family, this has become a tradition since I was 5 and we still go every year. This year we went to superdévoluy for the 8th time I think. Despite of what you might think it doesn’t get boring over there, quite the contrary, I find it rather useful to know the whole area so you don’t have to worry where you’re snowboarding to. I always feel like these ski trips with my parents are some sort of bonding opportunity because we don’t have wifi in the chalet so you have to talk to each other and this way you are reminded of the fact that you can have fun without the stupid internet and I’m kind of grateful for that. Now I will stop being so emotional and just show you some photo’s of a week where there was a blizzard but also a clear blue sky.




the blizzard couldn’t stop us
me and my mom (don’t judge my hair, it’s been under a helmet the whole day)



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