5 tips for organizing a photoshoot : stylist

Organizing a photoshoot can be a stressful thing even if it seems so easy. I had some good and some bad experiences and the bad one was the most unexpected to be honest. It takes some preparation but if you see the result after a long day ( you read well, a day, that’s how long it took me to shoot a series of 6 photo’s)of shooting it’s all worth it. so here are the 5 tips I would have given myself before my first big shoot.

  1. Write everything down, like everything

    This is maybe the most important thing because when you have everything in line then it’s so much easier for your team. what i did was i had to shoot an editorial so it had to contain some sort of storyline wich is practical for putting together the outfits and poses you want your model to do. That’s why i made a storyboard for every photo, this means i made the photo with images i found on the internet so everyone could have a clear vision of how i wanted things. These storyboards speed up the process when shooting. the second thing i find useful is to check out your venue beforehand if you have the chance.

  2. Check in on your team, really, do it

    When you do this, for example the night before ,you buy yourself some time when someone from your team tells you they’re not feeling well or something else is wrong. This i did before my shoot but it still went wrong. why? you ask, because i trusted the people i asked. The biggest mistake so far because my model was nowhere to be found the day of the shoot so that was a stressful start. and that brings me to the third tip.

  3. Make sure you have a backup, even if you ask friends

    Yes, the model who ditched the whole thing was a friend of mine but it’s in the past so I’m not going to ramble on about it. So yes you should make sure you have some people on hand who can replace the originals at any time because you aren’t a clairvoyant and you don’t know what will happen. If your team consists of a photographer, model and makeup artist it will come in handy if you bring  your own camera if you have one and have a backup model. and with the makeup, you can throw one some yourself.

  4. Transfer the photo’s immediately

    And by that I really do mean the second you’re finished shooting because it can really amaze you how difficult some people are going to be when you ask for your photo’s. Luckily i didn’t have this problem but some of my classmate did and they only got sent like 7 pictures from a shoot of approximately 200. Besides that it’s nice to be able to edit the photo’s to your own liking.

  5. The thank you note

    Last but not least it’s also very important to thank every person who has helped you with and thru this shoot. For example, you borrowed clothes from a young designer, they often appreciate it very much when you sent some photo’s asap and thank them again for borrowing. The same for the location you may have used, they will be thankful if you mention them in your presentation of ‘special thanks’section.  And this way you keep everyone content.

Sorry for the long post,  hope it helps though

p.s more photo’s will be posted later from the same shoot as the picture in this post

xxx your writer

disclaimer: the photo at the beginning is mine.


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