Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam

  fashion week, the place for every fashion lover to be and be seen. A night where you can go all out with your outfit without someone judging you because it’s to flashy or weirdly shaped (there was a man wearing an oversized smiley dress).

I was lucky enough to go to the opening night of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam thanks to my mum. When she told me the news last Tuesday evening I immediately started stressing out because what was i going to wear to this thing where every person in the room will be judging you by your appearance, but i ended up wearing a simple dark green dress so i wasn’t going to stand out all that much because who can handle that, well not me.

blog foto.jpg

The first show i saw was by the design duo Diek Pothoven and Luuk Kuijf who work under the name of Martan. Their collection was based on the Baha i temple in wich every religious and spiritual belief is accepted. They have an optimistic view on the future and that’s why they started this fashion week with their collection full of color and courage. The venue was very minimalistic but that kept the attention on the clothes of course.

The show itself started 30 minutes later than the timetable told us and before I could even blink the show was over. but despite all that i really enjoyed my first ever fashion show even though the pictures i tried to take were too blurry to keep.


The second show was called: The Painting, where the art director asked 9 designers to each create 3 white outfits in wich the white is a metaphor for all that is coming in the future and besides that the hope and faith we should have. The show was very impressive with the closing by ZO! choir singing john lennon’s imagine and all the different creations everyone was wearing.

last but not least some photo’s i took during the painting show.

xxx your writer


 disclaimer: all of the shown picture above are taken by me


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